5 Things That Are Likely to Make Birth Control Less Effective


Birth control requires following a few simple rules in order to make it effective. If you don’t follow those guidelines, you run the risk of making your birth control ineffective.

If you’re curious about what you need to avoid in order to keep your birth control working for you, we’ve got you covered. This is everything you need to know about the things likely to make your birth less effective.

1. Skipping or Delayed Doses

Hormonal birth control is a finicky medicine that requires you to take it at the same time every day to be effective. If you miss a single dose and have intercourse, you increase your chances of pregnancy.

Additionally, if you take control for another reason, like regulating other health conditions, you may make yourself vulnerable to triggering a health complication.

It’s best to set the alarm for the same time every day to help make sure that you are not missing doses.

If you’re worried about a delayed dose, such as being a few hours late on taking your pill, use an alternative  control method to help supplement your coverage.

2. Being Sick

Unfortunately, something that we can’t always control can have a major impact on your birth control efficacy.

If you take birth control pills and get sick to the point of throwing up or having diarrhea, you run the risk of the pill passing through before it is properly absorbed by your body.

If your body doesn’t have time to absorb the medicine, then it’s as if you never took medicine at all, which leaves a gap in coverage.

Try to minimize how often you’re sick, like not drinking alcohol if you’re prone to throwing up after, to avoid the rate at which you are sick.

3. Health

A number of health factors can influence how well your birth control works. One factor that impacts efficacy is obesity.

Those who are overweight or obese may find that the control dosing provided is not enough to accommodate their body mass.

Few critical medications are a one-size-fits-all approach like  control, which leaves room for error.

To make sure that birth control is the most effective, it’s best to lower your body weight to ensure that the dosing is accurate for you.

A qualified professional will be able to help you decide whether this is necessary or how your weight can affect the medication.

Similarly, another health-related issue that can impact the effectiveness of birth is the medications you take.

Examples include antidepressants, narcolepsy, and antibiotics, which can all influence how well your birth  pills are absorbed.

4. Delaying Appointments

Many birth control types require you to go into a doctor’s office to keep up with them or even require less frequent upkeep. For example, the patch and rings need to be replaced every so often.

By missing one of the doses, you leave yourself vulnerable to your birth control being ineffective.

Avoid pushing back appointments and instead make sure that you have them pre-scheduled and attend them within the outlined window by your care provider.

If, for some reason, you need to miss an appointment, use a supplementary  control option to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

5. Participating in Risky Activities

There are very few do-not when it comes to birth . The few that do exist are in place to make sure that you don’t increase your risk factors.

One example of this is smoking. Smoking significantly increases your risk of birth control complications, especially with oral contraceptives. You run the risk of having a stroke or cardiovascular incident.

This is something to be avoided if you want to keep your birth  effective and help you stay safe.

These risk factors can be avoided by listening to your doctors and staying educated. You can read how birth control affects birth control at Veriheal.


In order for your birth control to be effective, you need to make sure that you’re avoiding anything that can lessen its effectiveness. For different people, that can mean different things.

Whether it be verifying your medication isn’t interacting with your  control or keeping up a healthy lifestyle – do what you can to keep your birth control working for you.


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