All About  Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Do-It-Yourself Divorce refers to the process of representing oneself in trial without the assistance of a lawyer.  A DIY divorce is also referred to as pro se divorce in the legal system. The same level of legal competence and attention to court rules is expected of pro se litigants as it is of a divorce attorney, Madison, WI. This implies that you need to negotiate with your spouse alone without the aid of a lawyer and present the required paperwork to the court. Additionally, the pro se litigant is required to adhere to the local court rules.

A Do-It-Yourself Divorce can be initiated together (indicating that both sides consent to terminate the marriage) or individually as well. If you initiate a divorce proceeding on your own, you will need to make arrangements for your spouse to be served with the documents in a formal capacity. Even though it would seem arbitrarily, incorrect serving will make the court have to uphold proper service laws. In almost all cases, this entails starting the procedure over from scratch. The process might be quite straightforward or extremely difficult, based on how long you’ve been engaged/married, been in touch, and whether you have kids.

What are the advantages of a DIY divorce?

  • Least expensive option
  • Great if there are no children, no assets, no debt, similar earnings, and less than three years of marriage.
  • Having clear and understandable county court procedures is great.

Is a DIY Divorce the Best Option for You?

In a prejudiced but reasoned opinion, a large portion of pro se litigants experience court system problems as a result of their ignorance of the rules. Oftentimes, divorcing partners are far more willing to come up with a fair marriage settlement agreement if there is no animosity between them, they have no children, and/or there are few assets or debts to divide. However, because they don’t fully understand the procedure, many divorce partners waste months of time and several thousand dollars in court document fees by starting, stopping, and restarting.

Hence, it is advisable that you must at the very least employ a learned divorce lawyer to guide you through the procedure if you are unfamiliar with the judicial process and local county administrative laws. Doing this will spare you months of hassle and help you fully understand your legal rights in relation to any deal you sign.

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