All that you want to employ the best-specialized ability in one stage

Up-and-comer Experience

Give a genuine work-like climate to up-and-comers with auto-complete and quicker execution through the completely working IDE with IntelliSense and circulated compilers. Mitigate your image insight by making your programming abilities test formats (colors, sizes, and modes) and answer types like hailing, helping hints, and simple investigating through the custom editors.

Further developed Candidate Experience – WeCP (We Create Problems) Feature

Video Interviews by WeCP (We Create Problems)

Video Interviews

Direct easy live remote meetings with the chosen up-and-comers through a cooperative IDE, match programming, and superior quality video calling. Save your time from meeting unfit up-and-comers and pick WeCP’s great video interview stage to assist you with tracking down the right specialized ability simply shortly. Send welcomes, direct pair-programming meetings, and assess work availability in real-time.

Conning Prevention

With WeCP, you can keep the concern of copyright infringement under control as we watch the web continually and take a look at the whole code for similitude, and banner such competitors without fail. Our programming abilities test questions are new, interesting, and testing, which makes it unimaginable for the possibility to find them elsewhere. The newness of inquiries helps in fair test finish as well as keeps up with applicant interest and energy.

Cheating and Plagiarism Prevention – WeCP (We Create Problems) Feature

Custom Branding – WeCP (We Create Problems) a superior HackerRank Alternative

Custom Branding

Make the sort of marking you wish to make for your programming abilities tests, welcomes, and reports to guarantee a reliable and magnificent brand insight. Make your own of arrival, add your logo, alter buttons and designs, divert to any page after the test, or request that they share their encounters via virtual entertainment to fortify your marking.

Simple Integrations

Enlisting and HR are mind-boggling frameworks and we believe that they should run as expected for you. ERCP programming abilities test stage flawlessly coordinates with the famous ATS and LMS answers to assist you with moving, tttrackingnd settling on the value of the information, and creating reports utilizing plug n play APIs.

Consistent ATS Integrations – WeCP (We Create Problems) Feature

Progressed Proctoring

Lead internet programming ability tests without the concerns of cheating or unscrupulousness with WeChigh-level level video and web administering innovations. Video delegating gets any endeavors of cheating by recognizing infringement to fullscreen, duplicate glue, tab change, conduct, or some other dubious exercises to guarantee fair appraisal finish.

Reports and Analytics

Recruiting is an essential choice and only want reports as nitty-gritty as could be expected. ERCP investigates up-and-comer execution on an assortment of boundaries, for example, subjective score, time is taken to play out a programming abilities test, decision of grouping, chances of mystery, and more to assist you with pursuing informed choices. The reports are itemized and thorough as well as simple for non-specialized selection representatives to comprehend.

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