Do you have to stamp on metals?

The laser denotes all metals

Metal is surely the material on which the laser works best and on which it is simpler to acquire separated stamping results on steel. Checking and laser etching on metals ensures an exact and clear impact.

Laser checking machines are additionally apparatuses with which you can upgrade creation time. At a modern level, there is no more productive innovation than lasers. The laser checking of steel is a non-contact process that requires no specific earlier or ensuing mediation.

On account of laser denoting, the metal component isn’t harmed, and the acquired impact is likewise impervious to acids and other destructive synthetics.

Fiber laser and MOPA laser

The most reasonable laser innovation for checking steel is a fiber laser. Obviously appropriate for laser checking, micromachining, and cutting of all metals and compounds. It is additionally reasonable for painted or surface-treated metals like anodized aluminum. The fiber laser is utilized in both the standard rendition and the MOPA variant, for example with a variable heartbeat, which offers critical benefits regarding flexibility and quality.

The MOPA laser enjoys similar benefits as the conventional optical fiber, specifically:

Furthermore, it enjoys many benefits as far as both laser stamping of steel and plastics. The MOPA laser can make a variety of markings on steel and dark markings on anodized aluminum.

Laser stamping is less inclined to erosion (because of restricted heat input). The edges of laser etching have fewer consumption marks.

The laser can meet the quality necessities in the auto business, execution in the pressure-driven industry, feel of home apparatuses, and security in the clinical business. Nonetheless, it ought to be referenced that on account of stamping normal aluminum or passing on cast aluminum, a conventional fiber laser is sufficient to get excellent etching.

About Lasit

LASIT is an organization of 100 individuals where every one of the workers is energetically dedicated to the improvement of innovation in the field of laser denoting consistently. The organization is sufficiently huge to serve worldwide makers, and yet little enough to separately deal with every client, doling out an examination and configuration group to him to meet all prerequisites for recognizable proof and control of the creation chain, and brand perceivability, and mechanization of modern cycles.

To ensure our clients the best help, our gifted sellers and professionals are consistently accessible to answer our clients’ requirements.

LASIT in Poland

Because of the expansion in the number of clients in Poland, we opened an office in Tychy. We accept we are focused on giving the best of our machines, administration, and after-deals administration.

For this reason, an exceptionally experienced group has been chosen that can offer direct help to the ongoing client base and future clients.

One of their principal objectives is to meet and surpass the development and interest for client assistance.

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