Free Spins Bonus – What to expect from them

Among the most common items that you can get as an online casino promotion, are the so-called free spins. You can also find them called extra spins or even better, free spins. These bonuses are incredibly popular with online slots players. For your info, Free Spins Casino is one of the best free spins available today.

In this article we will explain what free spins are, where and how to get them and many more interesting things.

What exactly are free spins?

First of all we have to distinguish between the free spins that you can get while playing slots with your real money and those that you get through offers and promotions. We refer to the latter and the correct name would be extra spins, but since most online casinos refer to them as free spins, we will continue with the tradition.

Any free spins you receive as part of a bonus or promotion will have a fixed value, which is almost always the lowest bet on the slot in question. Obviously you won’t be using your money on these spins, but you will be playing for real money.

It is important to note that free spin bonuses will always be on a particular online slot, or at most a selection of slots from a particular provider. It is very difficult that free spins can be used in a wide range of slots.

Like any type of bonus or promotion, we will have to take into account the conditions of the bonus when requesting the free spins. We will explain this to you below.

How do I get free spins?

There are several options to get these free spins. These bonuses are very popular, both among regular online slots players and new casino players and that is why they are one of the most attractive promotions. Here are some different types of free spin offers:

Free spins as a welcome package:

Many online casinos that focus on slots (which almost all are, although some pay more attention to slots players), offer free spins as part of their welcome bonus. You can usually get some free spins by signing up at a casino (usually 10 or 20 spins). It is more common for you to receive free spins, in addition to bonus cash, when you have made a deposit. In many cases you can get between 20 and 200 free spins. When it comes to 100 or more free spins, the casino will deliver them over several days.

Free spins bonuses:

Many online casinos have free spins bonuses on a regular basis and other casinos have them within a loyalty system, which includes free spins as a reward. These types of bonuses can be available monthly or even weekly. It is common for the slots to play the bonus to rotate and you will usually have to make a minimum deposit to claim the spins. Many times this promotion can be on “slot of the week” or simply an incentive to keep players’ interest high. If you are playing at a casino that has a loyalty system and offers free spins, the number of free spins you can get is usually not very high. and they are always at the lowest stakes level. The usual free spins bonuses rarely include super spins.

Getting free spins when you sign up at an online casino is one of the best ways to enjoy your favorite games without having to make a deposit. The only problem is that you can only get this offer once at each casino. However, some casinos also regularly offer free spins to their players with no deposit required.

Another way to get free spins is when providers launch new online slots. Casinos usually offer free spins on these slots for a very limited time, usually on the day of launch and for a maximum of two days after launch.

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