How to Bring Your Vape on a Plane?

Some people may not agree with bringing electronics onto planes, but that opinion is quite debatable. Some airlines have completely prohibited the carrying of vaping devices. Other airlines have no problem letting folks pack vapes as long as they’re first checked. So if you’ll be traveling with your vape, always double-check your airline’s policy to see what their rules are. Here is how to bring your vape on a plane.

Are vapes allowed on the plane?

With the popularity of e-cigarette, there are more and more vapers. They are vaping anywhere, anytime. Therefore, many vapers will confuse that whether they can travel by plane with their vape devices, are vapes allowed on the plane.

Actually, this is up to plane company, different companies have varied restrictions regarding carrying vapes. But most of them are allowed the qualified vape devices, but with different rules. Take the US plane company as the example. Let’s know more about it!

What Are The Rules Regarding Vape Use in US Plane Companies?

Most airlines seldom authorize carrying e-cigs, vape pens, or vapes of any kind on their planes. The only exception to this would be they afraid the safety problems or people will vape it in secret. These will affect the non-vaping passengers and bring the bad effects.

In the US, rules regarding bring vape devices on a plane are allowed, but you need to follow the specified rules. You are able to store your vaping supplies in your carry-on bag but not your check-in bag. Yes, you’re allowed to bring vape pens and supplies with you on a plane only in your carry-on bags. And you need to Separate the battery. If you can’t do that or vape on plane, you might be charged a fine from $2 and up to $4,000 or refuse to stay on the plane!

The Federal Aviation Administration has provided the measures listed below to safely transport your vape your an airline in the US:

  • Take its battery out.
  • Disconnect its heating coil from the battery.
  • Place a shielding case around your vaporizer.
  • Close off the heating coil activation button on the apparatus.
  • Bring with you lithium batteries in a carry-on
  • Maintain independent protection and separation for each lithium battery


Select an Ideal Vape

There are numerous types of e-cigarettes out there, so the types of vape bags will be relatively different. Also, vapes come in varied sizes. The majority of vapes are simple and tiny enough to fit into your typical carry-on bag. There are more compact options that you may want to consider, Like Suorin Brand vape devices are small and portable.

There are several ways that you can transport your vape on a plane, but try to follow these rules.

Pack Your Vape Separately

You’ll want to make sure you place your vape in a separate bag, away from other items. The safest places are usually inside the carry-on bag where no one can tamper with it. If your vape is too bulky to place in a separate bag, then you’ll want to wrap it in a thick material and place it inside the main bag.

Ensure It’s Fully Powered Up

The other step to taking care of your vape is to ensure it remains powered up during the trip. This means you’ll need batteries, chargers, and everything else that goes along with the vape itself. For Suorin Pod Kit and other rechargeable vapes, you can check them on. More so, always ensure they’re satisfactorily charged before packing.

It’s worth noting that battery terminals ought to be kept away from other metals at all times. You can do this by providing protection for them.

While carrying vapes when you travel might sound like a good idea, always ensure you know the rules regarding vape voyage. Learn the Local Vaping Laws Before You Travel.

Always ask if you can bring your on the plane with you. If they say no, and most don’t, try to get in touch with the airline’s customer service office before you go so they can find a way to work around their own policies. Of course, most airlines have baggage restrictions. Bringing a bottle of e-liquid to travel, therefore may not be an option for vape enthusiasts. You’ll have to make sure that your equipment does not exceed the maximum restriction for any type of liquid or gel product. It’s always better to keep items in the included bottle than to risk it by having them confiscated.

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