How To Choose The Right Diamond Earrings For Your Face Shape

A woman’s jewelry collection is incomplete without earrings. And a set of diamond earrings have a great impression highlighting the features of your face.  Earrings emphasize your face and eyes, unlike other jewelry that may complicate your appearance or pull attention away from your beauty. Usually, diamond earrings should complement your outfit’s color, cut, and texture for a striking appearance.

Several diamond earring designs are available, giving each person a look that would complement their traits. You can choose a pair of earrings you will adore by considering your face shape and personal style preferences. Follow this article to discover the perfect pair for your face shape.

How Do I Choose The Right Diamond Rings For My Face?

When wearing diamond earrings, there are a few things to consider, which include your face shape, outfit, complexion, and hairstyle. Irrespective of the price, always go for earrings that suit you. A pricey earring that fits is better than a cheap-looking earring. However, if the price is your constraint, you can opt for lab-grown diamond earrings as they are more affordable, yet complement your face shape, just like a natural diamond would. You can select the perfect pair of earrings for your face shape at a lesser price. Below are the different face shapes and the best diamond earrings that complement the face.

1.   Diamond Face

The cheekbone area of a diamond-shaped face is the widest, whereas the chin and forehead are around the same width. The face seems longer with these face shapes. For this type of face shape, choose earrings that complement the natural curves of your face rather than ones with sharp angles or outlines. Examples of such earrings include mid-length teardrops or linear earrings with delicate embellishments or details on the lower half of the jewel. Also, avoid long teardrop or chandelier shapes. However, you can always go right with small diamond studs for daily wear or simple evening looks.

2.   Oval Face

A face with an oval shape has a thin jaw and a longer-than-wide face. All facial features are rounded, except for the larger forehead than the curved chin. They are similar to round faces, but oval faces look like an egg. Simple diamond studs, tiny drips, or medium-length dangles emphasize oval faces. However, wearing lengthy danglers and shoulder dusters makes an oval face appear longer.

3.   Rectangular Face

Similar to a square-shaped face, a rectangle face tends to appear longer. Earrings with organic shapes, circular outlines, or curved forms complement such face features. Delicate earrings, roundish drops that are only fairly long, and pendant earrings with a slight length suit the face type perfectly.

4.   Heart Face

This face type features a pointed, tiny chin and a large forehead that progressively tapers or narrows from the temple. It looks more like an upside-down triangle. The goal is to wear long, slim danglers, pendulum, and pendant earrings to give the appearance of length outlined. However, avoid earrings that emphasize the broad cheekbone. Danglers with intriguing design components towards the bottom draw attention to faces with a heart shape.

5.   Face With An Inverted Triangle Shape

An inverted triangle face shape has the forehead as the largest section of the face and tapers down to a narrower, sharp chin. This face shape is comparable to a heart-shaped face; however, the heart shape is shorter and typically has a widow’s peak.

To balance the inverted triangle face shape, choose earrings that minimize the wide forehead and give the appearance of width at the jawline. E.g., chandelier or teardrop earrings.

6.    Round face

A face that is round or almost round has larger cheekbones, fuller cheeks, and a rounder chin. The widest part of this face type is the cheekbones. The jewelry goal is to make this face shape appear narrower. You can achieve this by wearing thin danglers and linear drop earrings with an oval, rectangle, or teardrop design.

The triangular shape of diamond studs or stud earrings in any geometric style is an excellent choice for everyday wear. However, do not wear chunky earrings, have large studs, or have designs that resemble your facial shape

7.   Square Face

A boxier outline characterizes the face type. However, with diamond earrings, you can soften the angular features of a square-shaped face. Diamond earrings with curves or geometric shapes complement this face type well. However, avoid earrings with sharp outlines. Medium-sized hoops and circular diamond studs are also excellent jewelry touches. Also, dangler earrings with round or oval pendants appear charming on a square face.

How To Determine Your Face Shape?

  • Locate The Widest Part Of Your Face

Determine the broadest area of your face by using a simple tape measure and looking in the mirror. Your face is oval-shaped if you have a broad forehead, round or heart-shaped if your cheekbones are the widest, and square-shaped if your face appears uniformly proportioned in width.

  • Identify The Profile Of Your Jaw

The shape of your jawline may also influence your face shape; if it is short or rounded, your face is round. If your jawline is narrow and pointed, your face is heart-shaped. Your face is square if you have a firm jawline with sharp angles.

  • Examine Your Face’s Length And Width

Compare the length of your face with its width if you still need clarification about your facial shape. Measure from the front of your hairline to the end of your chin. Next, estimate the distance from your face’s left to right sides. You might have an oval face shape if your face length exceeds the width. You might have a heart face or round shape if your face is longer than its width.


You can be sure to choose the perfect diamond earrings for your face shape, regardless of whether you have a round, oval, square, diamond, or rectangular face. However, it is best to consider your face shape and other jewelry you would be wearing. However, diamond studs and hoops virtually fit all facial types depending on how well you rock them.

How To Choose The Right Diamond Earrings For Your Face Shape


Which Earrings Suit Every Facial Shape?

Diamond hoop earrings are a timeless style available in various sizes and forms. You will undoubtedly discover the perfect earrings to accentuate your face, whether you choose big, little, long, or round shapes, classic metals, or sparkling diamonds.

Simple diamond studs are another great option because they look great on everyone. They are a lovely set of gemstone studs to fit any event, a sweet pair of gold cluster earrings, or the ideal pair of diamond studs to go with your tennis bracelet.

Which Design Of Diamond Earrings Should I Buy?

The most common diamond types for stud earrings are round, and princess cut diamonds. Both have a traditional, symmetrical appearance and provide the most glitter and brilliance.




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