How to choose the right shoes for you

Whether you like keeping up with the latest trends or not, shoes are an essential part of everyday life and they have an old and interesting history. The first shoes ever are said to date back as far as 7000 BC. Research shows that this ancient leather sandal-type shoe was discovered in Armenia in 2008, and over centuries we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of new styles and developments in footwear around the world. Choosing the right shoes for particular occasions, and particular foot shapes and sizes is essential for comfort and practicality, so we’ve created this short guide to help you find the perfect fit. To save on footwear, take a look at the OFFICE discount code here so you can grab a bargain on your next pair. 

The right shoes for the job

It goes without saying that selecting the right pair of shoes for different occasions and activities is essential. Especially when it comes to sports or any kind of physical activity, having the right footwear will mean you can reach your full potential and fitness goals and avoid any unwanted injuries or discomfort. These days, you can find a huge range of different running shoes, specially designed walking boots and shoes, and trainers and footwear for specific sports. If you love one of these activities, it’s well worth investing in a decent pair that will be suitable for your chosen sport. 

Choosing the right fit

As well as selecting the right type of footwear, it’s also important to make sure that your shoes fit correctly, and to get the right measurements you need to take into account the length and width of each foot. An in-depth foot measurement will also consider if you need to make any additional choices for your particular foot type, so if you’ve got flat feet, or a high or low foot arch, you can easily find appropriate footwear. The importance of correctly fitting shoes is essential for children whose growing feet usually need more attention and care. Kids who wear shoes that are too big, too small, or too tight can develop serious health problems. 


Make sure that you pay attention to your feet and keep them clean and dry to avoid any unpleasant dry skin, sores, infections, or minor injuries. Applying moisturiser regularly is the best way to maintain soft and healthy feet, and keeping your toenails short and clean is also a good idea to keep your feet healthy and free from infections. If you do notice anything unusual, it’s best to get it checked out by your doctor or a specialist as soon as possible so that you can receive appropriate treatment if necessary. 


Socks are also essential for a variety of reasons. They keep your feet warm and comfortable and help to absorb excess sweat or moisture. Just like shoes, they should not be too big or too small and you should always wear clean dry socks. Even during the summer months, when you may prefer to avoid wearing socks altogether there are still a lot of benefits from wearing a decent pair, such as defending your feet from blisters, unpleasant odors, and contagious infections like Athlete’s foot or verrucas

Foot experts

There are lots of experts and foot specialists that can help with a wide range of foot problems and offer expert advice about foot care. In the UK, they’re usually known as either podiatrists or chiropodists. If you think you might need some expert assistance, you can consult the Royal College of Podiatry website for lots of useful advice and information, and if necessary, you can find your local podiatrist and book an appointment for a consultation. 


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