How To Get A Replacement Car Key Without The Original – Four methods

If you’re locked out of your car or can’t find your key, you might be tempted to call a locksmith. But replacing a lost car key isn’t always necessary — what are the ways to get into your vehicle without an original key?

Often, you can borrow a friend’s spare key.

Check if the car has a key-in-transit tag attached to the vehicle’s key, which means only authorized personnel can drive the automobile. You don’t need to break into your friend’s car to get a replacement key if it does. But, sometimes, it is hard to locate an available spare key of your similar model that is not yet in use. In such cases, you must break into your car and remove the existing key from its lock.

Ask the dealership who sold your car.

Contacting the car dealership where you bought the vehicle can suggest you get a replacement car key by showing proof of ownership.

If you’ve recently bought your vehicle, they are also likely to have several replacement keys in stock that you can use while making your cut-to-fit. Remember that there may be charges for these keys.

Find alternative keys.

You may find other keys for your car online or in local locksmith shops. While some of the replacement keys are easily available, you need to be careful about their fit and security. Because many key cutting tools can get damaged when working with a key blank or damaged stock.

If you’re looking for alternative keys, make sure they’re suitable for your vehicle and safe. There are several models of car keys that can work with most vehicles on the market these days, like key ring cutters kits and key fob cutters, which allow you to cut a car key without breaking into your vehicle. The best thing is that these tools can be used confidently, and you don’t have to worry about the possibility of damaging any part of your car or opening your lock.

Call an automotive locksmith.

If you still can’t find a replacement key for your car, you should call a locksmith for help. Locksmiths are trained professionals in the field of security which can make keys for cars used almost everywhere today. These professionals can get replacement keys made from stock keeping units (SKU) numbers unique to each vehicle and its components. Locksmiths also know how to use the tools and skills required to cut keys precisely to avoid damaging them.

There are other methods to get a replacement car key without the original; however, using any of these methods is risky and may lead to serious consequences. It will be better to avoid any damage by breaking into your car. If you feel that you need a new key cut for your vehicle, contact auto locksmiths and ask them to make replacement keys for you. Therefore learning how to get a replacement car key without the original is not necessary but useful if you need to open your car.

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