Palo Alto, California, is home to Tesla Inc


Palo Alto, California, is home to Tesla Inc., a company that specializes in automobiles, electric cars, and energy goods and services. Due to their meteoric rise in the electric vehicle and solar panel manufacturing industries, Tesla is already a household name. Both the Gig factory and Tesla’s Fremont plant are examples of the company’s several manufacturing facilities. S, 3, X, and Y models were all made in 2019, according to information provided by the company. Vehicles like the Roadster and Semi, as well as batteries like Powerwalk and Power pack, solar panels, and roof tiles, are all viable possibilities best fake id sites. Tesla Motors was the original name given to the company by its founders, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, when it was established in July 2003. In 2018, the company sold more than 245,240 plug-in vehicles around the world, with a global market share of around 13%. From 2017 to 2018, the company had a 280 percent increase in sales, with just 48,000 transactions.

The Study’s Goals

The study focuses on Tesla’s strategy both externally and internally. Strategy, sales, and internal and external strategic components like strengths and weaknesses will be included in this section. Aside from these internal factors, the corporation would also take into account external factors such as economic and political ones.

Tesla aspires to be the global leader in innovation when it comes to automobiles and renewable energy products. To create its products, the company first uses the differentiation technique to gain a better understanding of the technological-product life cycles. The company’s goal is to create premium brands that offer exceptional value to its customers by employing a differentiated generic strategy that places an emphasis on product excellence and a distinctive customer experience. E-commerce sites allow customers to place orders for reported items, unlike other automotive manufacturers that use traditional dealer networks, which primarily focus on dealerships owned by the firm.

Tesla’s Positive Qualities

The ability of a corporation to grow and flourish on its own is a sign of its strength. Long-term success for a company can only be achieved if it is able to gain an advantage over its rivals. Tesla’s current position can be attributed to a number of internal strategic advantages, including a highly innovative production process, tight production and distribution control, and a strong brand. Tesla has become a pioneer in electric vehicle innovation thanks to its quick rate of creation. The company’s renewable energy and electric vehicle manufacturing activities are viewed as a symbol of innovation by investors and customers alike with great trust. Space travel and advanced rocket propulsion and control technologies have been invested in further by the CEO of Elon Musk. The company’s production and distribution processes also help to ensure high levels of quality and a positive customer experience.


Tesla’s flaws are a strategic weakness on the company’s internal level. To put it another way, businesses are hurt because of these problems. As a result, Tesla’s market share is minimal, the expenses are expensive, and the supply chain is in flux, to mention a few. While Tesla has a huge market share in the United States, it has a small market share in China. The company’s distribution strategy is based on its own supply showrooms rather than distributors because of a limited supply chain. Therefore, Tesla goods are more expensive than those made by other manufacturers, especially when they employ internal combustion engines. It’s difficult to break into because it’s so pricey, especially in developing markets. The company’s brand costs could be reduced as a result of further innovation leading to disruptive breakthroughs that lower overall production costs.


There are many things outside a company’s control that come from the market. Opportunities represent the company’s potential for growth and success. External factors can enhance long-term managerial effectiveness, organizational success, and strategic growth. Taking advantage of market inefficiencies, for example, could help them boost their market share. Tesla has a lot of room to grow because of the increasing demand for autos and renewable energy. In order to reduce pollution from internal combustion engines and thereby rescue the environment, we have a second chance to make significant investments in renewable energy and other forms of transportation There is a dramatic shift in how people regard alternative energy sources like solar panels and electric automobiles. It’s possible for Tesla to get a competitive advantage in the market by developing several brands that meet the innovation level demanded by customers.


Tesla’s long-term viability and market penetration are at risk, despite the company’s enormous opportunities. There is a lot of competition in the automobile market, which could put Tesla’s future in peril because of its high functionality and global reach. In the face of external threats, a person’s skills and abilities to counteract these hazards are put to the test. In addition, the rising cost of raw materials can be a problem. Lithium’s fluctuating price could lead to a drop in profitability and an increase in the price of energy storage goods for both solar panels and automobiles if the cost of production rises. Dealer regulation is a major danger to Tesla, as the company now distributes its products directly to customers without the involvement of dealers, resulting in higher profits due to lower royalties on sales.

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