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Take the Inside and Outside of Your Home to the Next Level This Fall

There’s nothing as enjoyable as sitting outside your home on warm summer nights and sunny  days and relaxing in the lovely space you’ve created. Summer is when you want to shop for patio furniture and outdoor cushions and make sure your backyard firepit is working. But fall is just as great of a time to enjoy being at home. As the weather begins to carry a chill in the air and you add layers to your outfits, nothing is as wonderful as curling up at home with good company or an addictive television series.

While the weather stays nice enough for you to spend time outdoors before the onset of winter, you want to make sure your home is ready for the time you’ll be spending at home. The inside and outside of your property should be ready for friends to come over, or just for you to enjoy your place at its best.

Let us be your guide for taking the inside and outside of your home to the next level with a few strategic design tricks and useful items. Keep reading to learn how to transform your living space!

Paint Your Front Door

When it comes to elevating the curb appeal of your home, you don’t need to look any further than the front door. Regardless of the color palette of the outside of your home, a bright accent door will make your home stand out compared to the others on the block. Additionally, painting your front door is a great way to showcase part of your personality. If you have a neutral home palette, why not select an out-of-the-box color? If you already have a colorful house, a dark door offers a nice contrast. At the least, a fresh coat of paint on your front door can go a long way.

Magnetic Bug Screens for Doors

To soak up the last of the season’s sun, you’ll want to open the doors and windows and let the light brighten your interior. As you’re moving in and out of the house to enjoy the outdoors, install a bug screen for doors to keep the bugs from getting inside. Bug screens for doors are easy to install and difficult to knock down, even when you’re wandering in and out with your hands full. Just imagine how useful a bug screen for doors would be at the next get-together you host on the patio.

Add Fresh Plants and Florals

In both the inside and outside of your home, add florals, blooms, and plants for a fresh spin on your old design. Plants bring rich pops of color, and they fill the inside of your home with a clean scent. If you don’t have much of a green thumb and are wary of planting outdoors, consider something simple like window boxes or an herb or tea garden.

Install Good Lighting

Good lighting that looks natural and ambient in place of dim or fluorescent bulbs is one easy fix that will take your home from uninviting to glam. Try to add even one single lighting fixture or floor lamp to that dark room in your home and see the difference in how it looks and feels. Outside, hang string lights or lanterns around the sitting area. Just remember to also light citronella candles to keep the bugs away from you when you’re sitting outdoors.

Revamp Your House Numbers

Who said your home needs to be stuck with boring, outdated, falling-apart house numbers to indicate where you live? If your house letters are even remotely difficult to read from the street, it’s time to replace them with something trendier. While you might not notice the effects of this change much in your daily life, your visitors certainly will, and they’ll appreciate you making clear the numbers on your home. You can get creative with this DIY, opting for classy and sophisticated numbering or more quirky, colorful options.

Choose a Fresh Coat of Paint

Indoors, give your boring walls a makeover with new paint. Neutral, light colored walls are ideal when you have dark, bright, or heavily patterned furniture and room accents. However, if your current pieces are more on the simple side, eye-catching walls bring your room to a new level of sophistication and style. Outdoors, paint a fresh coat over any furniture or walls that are looking worse for wear. If you just want to revamp the space, consider painting an ordinary item (like a lawn chair or deck canopy) a unique color. The goal is to feel the difference!

Your home is the place you spend your free time (and maybe you also love to host). Because of this, you want to keep living areas looking and feeling cozy and personalized. Take the inside and outside of your home to an elevated level this fall by following these tips and tricks.


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