Tips to keep in mind before buying a pre-bridal package Online

During one’s wedding, flaunting a fresh and attractive look is important for brides. Here, people need to focus on keeping their dermatological health intact first. Indeed, healthy skin naturally appears fresh and youthful. Plus, it works well with different makeup looks.

So, many of the brides opt for a pre-bridal package with services like body massages and De tan facial. To get the best results, you should research the available options properly. Then, choose the most suitable option. Before purchasing any one package, focus on these pointers well.

1.     Do research on the makeup stylists

Before deciding on one makeup artist or pre-bridal package, you should verify their service quality accurately. Therefore, do thorough research on them, like their previous work, experience level, quality of customer service, and credentials.

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In this case, do not limit your research to one stylist or salon alone. Instead, round off at least five options when you focus on Online Booking for saloon search. After knowing what each one offers, compare their specifications and settle on the most compatible option for you.

2.     Meet the artist face to face for a trial run

While seeing the pictures of someone’s past work is useful, it is better to get a free trial run first. This way, you can assess their work quality in person and if it is suiting your needs. Also, take note of their behavior and work ethic.

During the trial run, try out different styles of haircuts and makeup. Also, ask the stylists various questions regarding the techniques and even skincare tips. Most bridal clients take this step first before booking the final service.

3.     Check general product rates in the market

Different salon specialists offer pre-bridal packages, but not everyone follows the exact same cost structure. So, before deciding on one, you should check out the average cost of these services in the market. Then, pick the best option within your budget.

4.     Focus on natural-based items

Natural-based products are much safer on the skin and provide noticeable high-quality results. While some chemical-based products are also effective, they are not good for long-term skin health.

Hence, check the products the salon professionals are providing. After knowing the ingredients and overall composition, you can decide on the right pre-bridal package.

5.     Consider the expiration date

Notice the expiration dates of the products, as well. You can ensure better health for your skin condition if the professionals utilize fresher products.

6.     Buy packages that come in bulk size

One major benefit of pre-bridal makeup packages is that they include more than one service. So, if you buy a package, you would get multiple options for an overall makeover. Here, you should consider the bulk size of the package, too. This way, you can save more money and time searching for different vendors and products.

7.     Focus on the hygiene conditions

Before completing the Online Spa Booking, you should check out the hygiene conditions at the salons. Indeed, if a salon does not follow proper sanitation steps, clients can get infections. For example, using the same product or brushes for the next client would carry the present germs to them.

So, evaluate the salon premises and amenities cautiously to decide on a service.

8.     Check what products are available in the package

Many of the pre-bridal makeup packages include different types of products and tools. So, you should verify what you would receive after you purchase this. Some of the essential makeup products for brides are lipsticks, primers, concealers, highlighters, moisturizers, and hand creams.

9.     Ask for a makeup portfolio

The makeup artists at top brands have portfolios with photos of their previous work. Review this to watch their previous works on other clients.

10.                        Keep a backup plan in place

You should contact the makeup artists ahead of time about their cancellation policies and fee concerns. Also, ask them if they provide additional backup solutions to clients in case of last-minute cancellations on their part.

While most professionals that offer the pre-bridal makeup services are thorough about their schedule, emergencies can occur. Thus, keep a contingency option in place for the main wedding day.

Types of services you can expect in a pre-bridal package


In a pre-bridal package, the salon professionals offer a variety of services to their clients. So, when you focus on online Booking for Salons, you should check out the available choices.

●      Bleaching

One of the main services under the pre-bridal makeup package is bleaching. Typically, salon professionals offer different versions of bleaches that suit separate skin types. This step is important in the pre-bridal makeup work since the technique can remove dark marks from the skin efficiently.

To note, this performs in a similar league as body waxing. Thus, those who do not want to opt for body waxing choose to bleach instead.

●      Facial

Facials are useful for improving circulation in the blood and cleaning the dermis layers properly.

When you are searching for Best facials near me online, you will notice a range of varieties. Typically, the clients take up one or more facial treatment options based on their skin type compatibility.

●      Threading

Many professionals offer this complimentary service in pre-wedding packages. This is useful for shaping the eyebrows properly and also to remove upper lip hair. For the best results, go for these sessions 4-6 weeks before the event.

●      Hair spa

Hair spa is a valuable service for increasing the shine and strength of the hair follicles. So, many brides opt for this service.

●      Hair color

For the best-colored hair look, experts suggest making an appointment at least 1 month earlier. Indeed, this would give the hair color time to settle in, while also maintaining its vibrancy.

●      Manicure

This service includes different steps like nail filing, cleansing, exfoliation, cuticle care, and nail designs.

●      Pedicure

For the best outcome, clients go for a pedicure session at 15 days intervals.

●      Body spa/massage

Clients get body spa and massage treatment in pre-bridal packages. Here, you should get this service 2 months before the main day.

●      Body wax

Clients make an appointment for body waxing 4-5 days before the wedding. This is useful for maintaining smooth and soft skin.

What pre-bridal packages can you find at Zoylee?

To note, Zoylee is a great Online Spa Booking app to get in touch with reliable and certified professionals. Plus, you can access different types of pre-bridal packages available here as well.

●      Normal Bridal Package

This package includes a Normal bridal makeup service. Alongside that, the salon professionals deliver additional benefits like an O3+ facial session, an O3+ cleanup session, and a hair spa.

Plus, other useful services here include full face threading, manicure, pedicure, and full-body polishing, bleaching, and waxing.

●      HD Bridal Package

Under this bridal package, clients get the HD makeup styling service. Other than that, they get inclusive deals of waxing, bleaching, and polishing for the entire body. Moreover, you would notice extra options like manicure/pedicure treatment(s), threading for the full face, lotus facial, and O3+ facial.

●      AirBrush Bridal Package

If you have an interest in the Airbrush makeup technique, this package is useful for you. It also includes other services like full-body polishing, full-body waxing, and full-body bleaching.

Plus, you would get full-face threading service, one gold facial, and an O3+ facial, too. The package includes manicure, pedicure, and hair spa benefits, as well.


All in all, you would get the help of multiple services in one service package. Before selecting, check out the different choices and their benefits. Also, examine the salon professionals themselves to know what you can expect from their service quality.

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