Where Is Foli Sim Melbourne Found?

The procedure known as Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is rapidly gaining popularity as a viable alternative to invasive hair transplant surgery and other methods of treating hair loss. SMP is the treatment of choice for many residents in Melbourne because of its low price and realistic appearance, and if you are looking for professional SMP Services in Melbourne, Foli Sim is the number one choice. But where is Foli Sim Melbourne found?

Our state-of-the-art studio, Foli Sim Melbourne, can be found on North Melbourne’s Flemington Road. Kelly Dawes and Omar Rodriguez are two of our highly trained artists that provide top-notch Scalp Micropigmentation services.

Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation with Foli Sim

Here are some of the benefits of walking into our Melbourne office today for your scalp micropigmentation:

Long-term use

Appointments for follow-up care, such as hair transplants, need to be scheduled within four to six months after therapy for hair loss. Alternatively, scalp micropigmentation requires almost any upkeep and can be worn for three years or more before it needs to be checked. The only time additional pigmentation is needed on a treated scalp is if and after the pigmentation fades.

Secure and safe

Many people who could benefit from hair loss therapy are reluctant to seek it out because of concerns about chemicals and surgical techniques. There is no toxic use in scalp micropigmentation.

An electric ink needle and some mild sedatives to prevent infection and ease any discomfort caused by the needle are all that are required to complete the pigmentation process. It is not necessary to use any slicing or surgical tools for the micropigmentation procedure because no incisions are made.


Since it does not require surgery, the cost of getting your scalp micropigmentation is minimal. Because of this, fewer professionals are required for the procedure. It’s also a lot cheaper than getting a hair transplant, which requires post-op drugs and other scalp and antibody care products. 

Realistic outlook

When administered by a trained specialist from Foli Sim, scalp pigmentation creates the appearance of real hair by matching the patient’s skin, hair colour, and texture as closely as possible, giving the appearance of a buzz cut. Thin spots on the head where hair development has slowed down, as well as receding portions of the hairline, benefit from the increased density this treatment provides. Results from scalp micropigmentation can also be used to conceal imperfections on the scalp, such as scars from previous surgeries.

Reliable hair loss solution

Thin hair and receding hairlines are often indicators of old age, which reinforces the negative notion that the person experiencing them is much older than they actually are. The low self-esteem that might result from this issue is understandable, given the common perception that people with thinning hair are getting older. It’s unsettling because you appear like every other person, except that your hair is long and thick. Because of this, people with alopecia, baldness, or a receding hairline can benefit psychologically by undergoing micropigmentation.

Bottom Line

Now that you know where to find Foli Sim in Melbourne, as well as all of the benefits that come with working with us, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for professional SMP Services in Melbourne.

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