Why hire an expert to get advice for residential property investment?


Residential property investment can be an excellent way to grow your wealth. But it takes work, and you need to know what you’re doing to succeed. That’s where an expert can help. Here’s why they’re essential:

Identifying the suitable projects

  • Identifying the right market. Knowing the right market is crucial for residential property investment, enabling you to make sound decisions.
  • Identifying the correct location. The location of your investment should be carefully considered before going ahead because its proximity to transportation, amenities and other factors can significantly affect your returns on investment over several years.
  • Identifying the right project. You mustchooseonly those projects with the potential for growth over time and allow for rental yields above 4%.

Estimating the cost of development

To get an accurate estimate of the development cost for residential property investment, you need to consider the following:

  • Estimate the construction cost. This is how much it will cost to build a house from scratch. It includes materials, labour and equipment needed for construction.
  • Estimate the cost of furnishing and fitting out the property. This is what it will take to prepare your property to live in after it has been constructed. Fitting out may include buying new furniture or installing appliances like built-in kitchen cabinets or dishwashers if they are not already present in a new house on site when purchased (not always).
  • Estimate marketing costs. This includes advertising and travel expenses (if any) required by an agency or broker when meeting potential buyers face-to-face during open house events where they showcase properties available for sale within their portfolio.

Selecting the right location and design

Location is an essential factor in the resale value of your property. It also plays a role in determining how well your design will perform and what kind of tenants you’re likely to attract. A good design will lead to higher rent and lower maintenance costs, so investing more money in the unique features that make up your residential property is worth investing more in.

Design affects more than just the aesthetics of a home; it also has implications for its functionality and ability to meet tenant needs and expectations. For example, a spacious kitchen with modern appliances might attract potential renters because they’ll have more space for cooking large meals or entertaining guests.

Financing the project

Financing is a significant part of any real estate project. The right financing package can make or break your investment, and you must get the right advice from an expert who knows what they are doing.

Many home buyers are told by their mortgage brokers and banks that they can afford a property even though they don’t have enough income. This has caught many people out because of interest rates rising and many people losing their jobs in recent years. If you want to avoid this, hire an expert to help find the right loan for your situation before committing too much financially.


If you’re investing in property, there are a few options. You can invest directly in the property or use an agent to help you find something suitable. Another way involves hiring an expert to advise on whether it’s worth investing in a SMSF residential property.

In this situation, many people hire experts because they worry about making mistakes when buying a new home or need to know what questions should be asked during discussions with their estate agents.

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