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Why You Should Have a Fiberglass-Free Mattress?

Fiberglass is an interwoven material that is reinforced with plastic with glass fibers or synthetic chemicals. It is extremely flexible, low-cost, durable, and versatile. Fiberglass can be used in a wide variety of industries to create a variety of products. Many mattress manufacturers use fiberglass.

Fiberglass is probably the least common material in a mattress. It is inexpensive and can be used to meet industry fire regulations. You will also sleep in a cozy, flammable, and comfortable bed. Queen size mattress are especially vulnerable to fire damage, and fiberglass is a common option.

How does fiberglass perform as a fire retardant? A temperature insulator and thermal barrier, fiberglass protects your mattress against fire. It also slows down the spread of fire. Your mattress will take longer for flames to reach the combustible substances inside.

That sounds good, right? However, this is not the case.

The Dangers of Fiberglass Mattresses

Manufacturers weave fiberglass into mattresses either directly beneath or right into inner covers. But fiberglass mattresses can cause inflammation in both children as well as adults.

If you have ever touched fiberglass insulation in the form of cotton candy, you will know how itchy and itchy it can cause. If the mattress cover is damaged or removed, it can cause skin irritation, small cuts, and even damage to your eyes and airways. It can also worsen asthma symptoms and make your asthma worse. Some of the tiny fibers in the mattress cover can reach the bottom of your lungs, increasing your risk for more serious, harmful health effects.

Worst of all is that fiberglass is very difficult to get rid of once it escapes from your mattress. It can be found everywhere in your home: the air, carpets, furniture, and clothing. It’s like dust. But it’s made out of tiny glass fragments. Fiberglass can be very expensive and extremely difficult to clean.

It can cost from thousands to tens of thousands, depending on how severe the situation is.

Even though fiberglass is a great flame retardant for mattresses and other materials, it is not worth the health or financial risk.

How to Spot Fiberglass When Looking For A Mattress?

Fiberglass free mattress is hard to spot because it’s woven into the mattress. You can find out if the mattress has fiberglass by looking at its descriptions, labels, and reviews.

The Biggest Red Flags

Low Prices: Extremely cheap mattresses (around 400 dollars) are more likely to contain fiberglass.

“Made in China” Labels: China-based manufacturing can offer many cost advantages for companies. However, sometimes this comes at the expense of consumers’ safety due to less stringent regulations.

Terms Used For Greenwashing Purposes: Many mattress companies use terms like glass fiber, silicon, or wool to deceive customers into believing that their mattresses contain fiberglass. This is especially prevalent in polyfoam, all-foam, and polyfoam mattresses.

Polyfoam “Memory Foam,” A Polyfoam-Based Product: Memory foam is typically quite pricey. However, some mattress producers will use polyfoam, which can contain fiberglass, to still claim that its memory foam.

The Label Warns Not To Remove The Cover: Most likely, a mattress tag will tell you not to remove the covering because that would expose the fiberglass underneath.

It is possible to look for specific health and quality certifications when looking for a mattress. This will help ensure that they won’t cause adverse reactions or expose your body to harmful materials. 


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