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10 HubSpot Alternatives for Marketing Automation Under $100

bSpot is a leading marketing automation platform that can help businesses succeed with inbound marketing. But for many marketers, HubSpot is simply too expensive. We’ve put together this list of HubSpot alternatives to help you find a better fit for your budget. In the past few years, the marketing landscape has changed and new tools have emerged to meet demand. At the same time, startups have emerged to bring cutting-edge solutions at a bargain price. Jaynike can help you grow your audience to get a real time audience. As a marketer, you’ve probably heard about some of these tools by now. In recent years, many agencies have begun offering their own versions of HubSpot for use within an agency environment.

One of my most popular posts is a post I wrote quite some time ago about HubSpot alternatives. The only qualification these platforms needed was the ability to allow customers to automate their marketing activities. Back then there were not many choose from, but over the last 1-2 years the marketing automation landscape has changed A LOT.

The commenting section for that post attracted many different solutions that were relatively unknown. Just like social media networks that tend to popup all the time, marketing automation platforms began to pop up too.

A lot of you are very price sensitive, so this new list of marketing automation platforms under $100 per month will give you a better understanding for what’s out there and what is available for you to choose from without giving up an arm and a leg for it.

In no particular order, here are 10 HubSpot alternatives for marketing automation under $100.

  1. AgileCRM

Even though AgileCRM is a CRM first, they do pack good features for marketing and sales automation. It’s a robust platform that includes visual campaign builder, integration with Twilio to make and record calls, you can schedule appointments, and it even includes gamification features that works great for a sales team. Plus, AgileCRM offers social media management tools and a landing page builder that allows you to create simple landing pages.

One particular feature that’s similar to HubSpot’s smart calls to action, are AgileCRM’s web grabbers. Web grabbers are intelligent pop ups and personalized notifications. Plus, AgileCRM includes helpdesk, knowledgebase, and feedback features. So you can technically run your entire business on AgileCRM’s platform.

AgileCRM offers a free plan that focuses on sales , but it doesn’t include marketing automation features. You should definitely check it out as it’s a comprehensive free plan, and upgrade if you like the platform.

Starter Plan (Marketing)

10,000 Contacts

5,000 Emails

5 Campaign Workflows

5 Automation Rules

All Reports

All Plugins

2-Way Email & Tracking

Google Contacts & Cal Sync

Email Support

Price: $14.99/mo/user (annual plans offer discounts)

Visit AgileCRM

  1. X2Engine

X2Engine is a Customer Relationship Management platform, which includes robust marketing automation features. One of the interesting aspects of X2Engine is that it is open source, and includes a free basic version. However, the free version doesn’t really have the marketing automation features one needs.

This platform comes in two different flavors and pricing, cloud and self-hosted. Talking to a friend who has more experience with X2Engine made me realize that this platform is not for the faint of hearts. This is especially true when it comes to the self-hosted version, it requires quite a bit of experience. If you decide to play with X2Engine, do go with cloud version and focus on learning how to use it effectively.

Cloud X2Professional

Contact management (50,000 records)

Accounts, tasks, service

Documents, emails, quote templates

Web tracking

X2Flow automation system (workflows)

Email campaigns

Web to lead forms

and many more

Pricing: $12/mo/user (minimum 3 users) = $65/mo

Visit X2Engine

  1. Salesformics

Salesformics is also a CRM based solution, with easy to use drag-and-drop workflow builder for marketing automation. They recently came out of beta, so the platform is stable.

It is very easy to use and get started. It doesn’t have complex menus or setups. You can be up and running within a day if that. The main menu is replaced with a GX bar, which is both search bar and navigational bar. You can simply start typing to search or do actions.

Unlimited leads, contacts, accounts

Unlimited workflows

Workflows and workflow connectors (Eventbrite, Dropbox, Twitter, etc.)

Unlimited segments

Unlimited opportunities

Price: $99/mo/user

Currently in closed beta for some reason.

  1. Inboundio

InBoundio is pretty new, but does offer some of the basic functionality to help get started with marketing automation. It has a basic CRM, landing page builder, social media management and email marketing features. They are basic, but will also cover your marketing automation basics.

Unlimited social media posting

1000 contacts

100 landing pages

10,000 emails

Price: $29/mo (price might increase soon)

Visit InBoundio

  1. Venntive

Venntive is an interesting one. It seems to pack quite a bit of features, but the user interface is very clunky and confusing. Especially when you get a bit deeper. One thing I did notice, when I received their sign up and consequent emails they all ended up in Google’s spam folder. If you do decide to sign up, I recommend running email tests to a bunch of dummy Gmail and Yahoo emails to make sure deliverability is good.

The other thing I noticed, you do have to pay extra $5/1000 pageviews after initial 1000 pageviews of website tracking.

Starter Plan

1,000 contacts

Price: $25/mo

Visit Venntive

  1. Hatchbuck

Hatchbuck, unlike Venntive, has a very friendly and easy to navigate user interface. In addition to great user interface, Hatchbuck offers comprehensive suite of marketing automation and CRM features that allows you to do everything you need to do: capture leads, manage contacts and sales, and automation marketing activities.

Starter Plan

750 Contacts

Unlimited Email Sends

Price: $59/mo/user

Visit Hatchbuck

  1. Leadsius

Leadsius offers everything one would need in a marketing automation platform, and one client said it was easy to use. It has an easy and clean user interface, and the best part they offer a free plan. Unfortunately, the price jumps quite a bit once you reach the limit of the free plan.

Free Plan

2,500 Contacts

1 User

All Standard Features

Unlimited Web forms

Unlimited Landing Pages

Community Support

Price: Free

Visit Leadsius

  1. Spokal

Spokal is an interesting platform. It heavily integrates with WordPress to allow you to create effective content to generate more top of the funnel leads. It offers similar features to what you would find in HubSpot’s Content Optimization System. It includes SEO advice and easy image insertion and attribution.

When it comes to automation, instead of having a built-in email marketing platform Spokal has comprehensive integration with ActiveCampaign for conditional flows. Plus, it offers SEO tracking and other reporting functionality one would need to get a comprehensive view of what is happening.

Starter Plan

Email Support

200 Contacts Included

Up to 2000 Unique Visitors

Includes Twitter Builder

Price: $49/mo/user

View Spokal

  1. ORBTR (WordPress)

ORBTR is one of my favorite WordPress plugins. It packs a powerful marketing automation punch, giving WordPress even more power. The plugin offers landing pages, lead tracking, segmentation, email marketing and few other features.

Few things you need to keep in mind. ORBTR does not offer built-in email functionality, instead it integrates with Mailchimp to send emails and collect data. Plus, to add forms to your landing pages you will need Gravity Forms plugin (or Jetpack forms). Compared to HubSpot, it is much more affordable. The monthly price covers support, upgrades and access to their analytics API.

ORBTR team offers a free lead tracking plugin. So even if you don’t buy subscription, do check out the free plugin.

Price: $99/mo


  1. InboundNow (WordPress)

InboundNow is actually a combination of plugins. Right now, InboundNow offers landing pages plugin, calls to action plugin and lead intelligence/management plugin. Right now they do not offer marketing automation features, but the website does note they are working on it.

All 3 plugins are very comprehensive. You can easily create landing pages, and even run A/B split tests with detailed analytics to give you a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not working. While the do offer the core plugins for free, InboundNow makes money on premium addons, support and landing page templates.

It’s definitely worth trying out, but do test everything once it’s setup. Support forums for the plugins do mention issues, so keep that in mind if something breaks or doesn’t work.

Price: FREE + premium addons

Visit InboundNow

In Summary

There you have it. 10 HubSpot alternatives for under $100/mo. I’m not recommending anything specific, instead this list will help you understand what’s available at a reasonable price. Keep in mind, each platform is unique and comes with certain features that are unique to the platform. They do cover marketing automation features, but in their own way giving you tools to do your job.

When you are shopping around for a marketing automation platform make sure you understand what your needs are first, and then look for a platform that will fulfill those needs. Many clients I talk to shop around for features without any regard for their own resources and processes (if they even have any). Once you’ll understand what you’re trying to accomplish, shopping for a platform will be easy.

Disclaimer: InboundNow and Hatchbuck are affiliate links to allow me to continue researching and writing about marketing automation.

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