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How To Generate Money From Affiliate Marketing: Your First $1000 Dollars

Do you want to boost your income? One of the easiest ways to do that is by using affiliate marketing. This type of selling positions you as a middleman between customers and businesses. You can do this by contributing reviews and comparisons on products, or by recommending certain companies upfront. In turn, the company will give you a small reward for every person who buys their product through your site. This passive income is usually enough to cover your daily needs. In this situation, Tiktokstorm can meet your daily audience needs. You can get a lot of views, followers, and more. Of course, there are more earning methods than just that. There are affiliate marketing programs that pay you for each sale you make. You will be giving the product to your customers, and as a result, they should buy the product from your site. 

How To Generate First $1000 Dollars From Affiliate Marketing: A Complete Beginners Guide To Make Sale

10/13/2020 by Pawan Sharma

Most asked question from every beginner blogger is: “How to earn my first affiliate commission?”

Yes, It’s a valid question coming from the beginners.

Generating money from affiliate marketing is tough and especially your first $1000 dollars.

It’s also frustrating for anyone who’s working hard and not able to generate even their first sale.

The first affiliate sale is so important and memorable for any new blogger. It gives you HUGE motivation. Also, it gives you enough momentum to work even harder for your next sale. That’s why making your first sale is so important.

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Focus on Benefits Of The Products, Not on The Features

Features Still Matter For Products and Services to Generating MoneyFrom Affiliate Marketing

Picking The Right Products at The Right Time and Generate Money From Affiliate Marketing

Create a Proper Monetization Strategy For Affiliate Marketing

Traffic is the KEY Of Affiliate Marketing, Drive Traffic and Genarate More Sales


Most of the bloggers who coming into the blogging field and affiliate marketing field didn’t know the exact methods and approaches to make sales and earn their first commission.

But the Question arises here how do you make your first affiliate sale?

Focus on Benefits Of The Products, Not on The Features


To answer this question and to understand you about the methodology of the affiliate marketing system, I want to tell you a quote here

“Features tell but Benefits Sell”.

This is the most important point in the affiliate marketing.

If you can implement that suggestion, you will get your first sale very shortly.

See, many beginner affiliate marketers create product reviews and wait for the sales to happen.

Generating money from affiliate marketing is easy if you follow the right strategy but If you haven’t generated even a single sale after creating a lot of product reviews, what’s the point?

So focus on selling the BENEFITS of the products.

Most people don’t do that. They mostly talk about the features of the products. And that’s all.

Don’t do that.

Customers don’t even care about your product anymore. They don’t want to buy it because it is a cool product, because it is the latest model in the market or anything like that. They don’t want to own it. They just want to use the product to accomplish a certain task or result. In other words, the product is not the end but the means to an end.

I am giving you some examples like

People don’t want to buy web hosting, they want their websites online and accessible to web visitors.

People have little interest in purchasing a treadmill. What they want is “weight loss”.

People don’t want to buy light bulbs. They want to be able to work or read at night.

The feature, or the product itself, is the first part of the examples we used above. The benefit is the second part.

You have to sell what your affiliate product will allow your customers to do. How are your affiliate products going to help your target audience?

If you can sell benefits, you can make a ton of sales (not just one sale).

Want a practical example? Suppose that you are a bit over-weight, and that you are shopping around the web for a good weight-loss ebook. You then come across ebook A, with the following list of points describing it:

156 pages of pure content ebook guide

Creative and attrative Images and illustrations simplfy the concepts.

Various diets options available to choose between them.

A complete list of cardio and strength exercises.

Various case studies mentioned

After a while you then come across ebook B, with the following list of points describing it:

Start losing weight in the next 30 minutes!

20 exercises that will melt that abdominal fat away.

Discover how to lose 4 pounds every week with proper nutrition.

Tone your muscles while losing all that fat.

Which ebook would you be more likely to purchase?

Probably the second one because its description is focused on the benefits you’ll get from it, while the first ebook focused on the features.

So what’s the MAIN difference between features and benefits?

Although both features and benefits sound the same but there’s a difference.

A feature is “what something is”

A benefit is “what something DOES”

So always try to focus on the benefits of the product how it can help your customers to gain something or hit their pain point.

Go and Have another look at your product reviews or videos around the affiliate products you’re promoting.

Find out whether your content is focusing more on features (rather than on “benefits”).

Make certain changes and focus on providing the benefits of using your recommended products.

Then, see the results. You’ll eventually get your first affiliate sale just by implementing this one strategy.

If you’re just getting started, use this strategy (by focusing on the benefits instead of features) to generating more affiliate sales from your blog, YouTube channel etc.

How You Can Make Money From Affiliate Marketing, Your First $1000 Dollars Commission

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Features Still Matter For Products and Services to Generating MoneyFrom Affiliate Marketing


I’ve written product reviews around different affiliate products and I never ignored mentioning the features of a product. Yes, features also matter.

But this post is MOSTLY aimed at getting your first affiliate sale and generating money from affiliate sale. So if you’re someone who is struggling to generate your first few sales, focus on the benefits as it works like a charm.

That said, you should NOT ignore features either. Features can provide “useful details” about your affiliate products which makes it easy for your audience to buy a product or not.

Now comes to the part How you can make Your First $1000 Dollars

I know $1000 per month sounds like a huge amount for most beginners but there are a lot more people who are making huge profits.

For instance, let’s consider Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, he earns more than $100,000 from his blog every month and most of that income comes from affiliate marketing.

There are many affiliate marketers like harsh agarwal and Pat who are earning huge from affiliate marketing.

Picking The Right Products at The Right Time and Generate Money From Affiliate Marketing


They’re extremely picky when it comes to what kind of affiliate products to promote on their blog. In fact, they don’t promote anything just because it offers more commission. Most of the time, they try the products first and then recommend it only when satisfied with them.

For instance, I often promote SEMrush (which is an excellent SEO tool for bloggers). We do it because we are using it for more than 2 years and it helped us to grow traffic and sales for us as well as for our clients.

Another biggest benefit of promoting a tool like SEMrush is that it offers recurring commissions.

Yes, their affiliate program which is BeRush offers you a 40% recurring commission on every successful sale. That means you’ll be making a commission every time your referral pays for the SEMrush subscription.

You can check my article on 10 Best Affiliate programs In 2020 for Beginners. Where I have mentioned best high paying affiliate program which you can’t ignore.

Create a Proper Monetization Strategy For Affiliate Marketing


There are a lot of ways to make money from blogging. There are a ton of people who use AdSense, selling banner ads, etc.

But when it comes to monetization, I highly recommend you to pick “passive income sources” such as;

Selling affiliate products (where you earn money by selling other products even while sleeping)

Selling your own products (where you make money selling your own stuff such as eBooks in our case)

Selling the products which offer recurring income.

Also, make sure to diversify your income sources. Try to experiment with all kinds of monetization strategies such as affiliate marketing, offering your own services, selling your own products, selling banner ads, offering consulting, brand collaborations, paid reviews and so on.

Then, find out what’s working well for you and your audience. That way you can stick to 3 to 4 income sources that can help you make a living from blogging.

Traffic is the KEY Of Affiliate Marketing, Drive Traffic and Genarate More Sales


Traffic is the lifeblood of any money-making blog. But make sure to bring quality traffic related to your niche and products. If you’re not generating a decent amount of traffic to your blog, eventually it will die!

So make sure to increase your overall traffic. Here are some of the things that you can implement to grow your traffic.

Learn SEO. Learn how to find better keywords. Learn how to optimize your blog posts. Build relevant backlinks. SEO helps you get targeted visitors from search engines and it converts like crazy!

Use social media. You don’t have to start using all the social platforms at once. Start using one platform at a time such as joining Facebook groups and actively engaging with other bloggers. Once you build a brand, you can create your own group to promote blog posts, introduce your affiliate products, and so on.

Learn Keyword Research: Keyword Research is an art and every blogger and affiliate marketer needs to know the art to drive more and more traffic in blogs and landing pages to earn money. To help in keyword research I use Semrush and it gives best SEO features to drive more traffic in your websites.

Semrush Offers 14 days FREE Trial For Beginners to learn Keyword research And Drive traffic on your website. Try 14 days FREE trial of SEMrush and earn By Driving Traffic in your blog post and websites.

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Build an email list. It can be extremely helpful in converting random people into sales. Try to build a big email list and target your customers through targeted emails.

Note: Check My Best Email Marketing Strategy To Build A Huge Email List For My Business.

Build your tribe: New way of digital marketing and affiliate marketing is to build your own tribe where you can promote your products and offers.

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So what’s the takeaway?

Traffic, monetization strategy, promoting the right products – these are the THREE most important things that help me generate $10,000+ per month from my blog.

If you can replicate the same things, you’ll also have higher chances to start earning thousands of dollars from blogging.

It’s all about being consistent, planning for the long term, and working hard. There are no shortcuts.

If you like this article comment your best part below. If you have any question about this, ask in the comment section

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