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5 Steps to Groom Your Wild Garden

Grooming a garden that went wild is not as complicated as you might think. All you need is some gardening tools and dedication. If you own a large backyard or a company ground that went wild because of substandard care, you can improve its appearance in just a few steps. Find out more about removing a tree stump by visiting Trav’s Trees.

Here are a few steps you can follow to groom your garden from wild to alive. 

Pick Up the Garbage

The first step for grooming the garden is cleaning any garbage present on the premise. Pick up broken logs, fallen leaves, and dead plants from your garden. Cleaning your garden of any waste material is necessary before grooming it. 

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Water the garden after you have tidied it. Make sure you fill any large holes in the ground with soil. 

Mow The Grass

Mow the grass in your garden with the help of a lawnmower. Manually cut the grass in parts of your garden where the lawnmower cannot reach. If you think mowing your garden is a tough job and requires loads of time, buy an automatic lawn mowing.

Leveling your grass will improve the look of your garden by fifty percent. Wild grass makes the ground look untamed and rough. An even grass supports the decorative sculptures best and enhances the appearance of your lawn. You will be able to sit more comfortably on the trimmed grass. 

Prune The Trees

Trees are an asset to the environment. If you have a tree in your garden, do not cut it down. The tree in your garden will provide you with shade and help retain water, and if it is a fruitful tree, it will produce fruit.

It is your responsibility to take care of the health of your trees. Use the technique of tree pruning to cut down any dead branches. Call professional tree care and pruning service providers to maintain your trees.

Trim The Shrubs

One of the most unappealing features of a garden is stray shrubs. If your garden has random bushes, trim them with a brush cutter. You can remove the bushes from their roots or shape them with the help of a hand pruner. 

If you have a specific design in mind, call a professional pruner. Plan the layout of your garden and execute it with the help of a professional or gardening tools. Create symmetry in your garden by shaping the plants with a similar design.

Add Fertilizer and Grass

Once your garden has a new shape, add fertilizer to enhance the growth of plants. If a few patches in your garden do not have grass, cover them by adding quality grass seeds. It may be possible to resurrect a few dead plants in your garden. 

Water your plants daily, and fertilize the soil to improve the greenery in your garden. 

Put decorative sculptures or other accessories to add a whimsical touch to your garden. To fill up the space, add a wooden gazebo in a corner. Plant vines and other floral plantations to adorn your lawn. Finally, place furniture to enjoy a relaxing day in your garden.


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