Becoming successful in the data industry

Data plays an increasingly significant role in today’s world. Everyone produces data daily, and this data drives different critical facets of our lives. As we become more advanced, we are exposed to larger volumes of data, and as a result, the data industry keeps growing.

Big Data market revenue has been predicted to reach $103 billion in 2027, a 33.7% rise from this year’s income. Unsurprisingly, its growth is very apparent. Here is a look at the field in detail and how to grow in the Big Data industry.

Data is essential in different areas of life. Therefore, it’s challenging to state the precise boundaries of the Big Data industry. However, a few fields dominate the industry in terms of growing career opportunities. These include:

  • Data science
  • Data analytics
  • Data security
  • Big data
  • Database development and management

These fields all have associated jobs that require specific competencies. However, the data industry, in general, has a similar career growth path.

How to grow in the data industry

Many people look to either break in or transition into the data industry, but with data playing such a critical role in different industries, only the most competent applicants are considered for data jobs. Thankfully, there are roadmaps to follow to become a successful data specialist.

Get a related degree

To break into the data world, you’ll want to begin by having the basic knowledge required in the field. This gives you a broader perspective of the data industry and its areas. It also helps you identify which aspect you could thrive in.

Some of the basic knowledge needed includes computer science, mathematics, and statistics. A college degree was necessary to land an entry-level position in the past, but these days, employers prioritize skill over education.

Nevertheless, mastering the fundamentals is essential. In addition to a college degree, you can engage in certification programs, online courses, and boot camps.

Invest in the right skills

The most crucial determinants of success in the data industry are your existing competencies. With so many fields present in the Big Data industry, you have to decide on the one that suits you best and work toward developing the necessary skill set.

Some relevant technical skills required for a data job include SQL, Python, data visualization, AI, and machine learning. Soft skills such as communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving are just as essential for success in the data industry.

Once you have identified the field you wish to break into, you need to develop the essential skills associated with it and work on real-life problems often. It also helps to create a portfolio.

Obtain a master’s degree

As mentioned earlier, employers often prioritize skills over degrees. However, some top positions are reserved for specialists with advanced degrees. Obtaining an advanced degree qualifies you for better opportunities. One such relevant qualification is a Master’s in Applied Statistics.

Michigan Technological University offers a 100% online Master’s in Applied Statistics for data professionals looking to distinguish themselves from the rest. This program prepares applicants for critical, top-paying positions in statistics and data science,

Although advanced degrees might not always be required to succeed in the data industry, having one does give you the potential for many career growth opportunities. Therefore, obtaining an advanced degree might be all you need to move up the ladder quickly.


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