LASIT Laser – Big Enough to Make a Difference, Yet Small Enough to Care

LASIT Laser is a Spanish laser technology company based in Madrid. With a team of more than 100 people, LASIT is big enough to make a difference, yet small enough to focus on each client’s needs, lasitlaser.es is committed to helping its clients achieve the desired Tracciabilità, brand visibility, and industrial processes automation. Read on to learn more about the company and what it can do for you.

Last lasers

LASIT lasers are designed for the automation of industrial processes. We are a 100-person company dedicated to the development of laser technology. We are big enough to make a difference, yet small enough to know and care about our clients. Our mission is to maximize the Tracciabilità of the brand, increase visibility, and automate industrial processes. Our team works together with you to understand your business needs and meet your specific goals.

LASIT is a company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We have a large engineering team and manufacture all of our products in-house with high-quality components. In addition to our lasers, we offer R&D and feasibility studies for specific applications. We provide comprehensive scientific reports on lasers and solutions to meet your exact needs. You can even get a quote from us based on your specifications. Let us help you succeed with laser technology.

Dr. Aamir Asrar

If you are interested in laser eye treatment, you have probably come across the website of a top-notch eye doctor in Pakistan, Dr. Aamir Asrar. Known as one of the best eye surgeons in Pakistan, Dr. Asrar has a long history of using laser technology to treat his patients. His laser creative exchange and discerning strategies have been making headlines for decades.


The ReLEx SMILE is an advanced vision correction procedure that uses femtosecond laser technology. This procedure creates a small disc of tissue that is removed through a very small incision made in the cornea. Patients are given a sedative to make the procedure more comfortable. The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes. Patients are usually free to resume their normal activities within the first week.

This advanced technology enables surgeons to remove the lenticule through a very small incision. Compared to conventional LASIK, this procedure can be more accurate than other procedures. The VisuMax laser is more accurate and allows surgeons to remove four microns of tissue at a time, while the Excimer laser removes only a fraction of that. Patients can achieve 20/20 vision about sixty to eighty-five percent of the time with the ReLex SMILE procedure.

Laser engraving

LASIT is a 100-person company dedicated to the advancement of laser technology and manufacturing processes. Although big enough to make a difference, the company is still small enough to treat each client like an individual. From industrial process automation to Tracciabilità, the LASIT team works tirelessly to provide the best products and services for every client. Here are a few reasons why you should choose LASIT for your engraving needs.

The company’s engineering staff has 20 years of experience in the industry, and the company manufactures its products on-site. Lasit uses high-quality components and offers a comprehensive laser laboratory to test and refine its products. This laboratory also offers R&D and feasibility studies for specific applications and will provide a detailed scientific report to each customer. The laser lab also provides hands-on training, so customers can learn about the different processes involved and which are best for their needs.

Custom projects

LASIT is an innovative laser manufacturer, with over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing laser machines. They have an engineering team comprised of mechanical, electrical, software, and applications engineers, and build their products on-site using high-quality components. LASIT also has a comprehensive laser laboratory for research and development purposes. The laser lab offers feasibility studies and R&D for specific applications. Upon completion of the project, the laser laboratory will provide a comprehensive scientific report that meets the customer’s specific requirements.

High level of technology

Since its foundation in 1990, Lasit has been developing and manufacturing laser machines. The company’s engineering team develops systems and components that are designed to optimize their performance. The company also has a comprehensive laser laboratory and offers R&D and feasibility studies for specialized applications. Customers can expect a scientific report when they purchase a Lasit product. For over 20 years, Lasit has remained a leader in laser technology.

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