Can you use the Best Features of macOS Ventura Without the Update?


macOS Ventura


macOS Ventura is propounded as Apple’s most major operating system update yet. The beta version is already available for users to download and use the fantastic features like Continuity Camera and Stage Manager and take advantage of the updated Mail application. However, there are some bugs in the beta version that Apple is still trying to iron out. For instance, users who have upgraded their system to Ventura complain about Wi-Fi & Bluetooth issues, USB devices disconnecting on Ventura, Mac running slowly, excessive battery drain, etc.

Although the problems are not unfixable and can be tackled easily, you might be weary of installing the update right away. Instead, you may want to take your time and wait for Apple to release more updates to fix the bugs. But do you miss out on the features of Ventura and fall behind the other users? Fortunately, you don’t have to stay behind in the line, and you can use the best parts of Ventura without the update because it can be easily replicated.

Take a look at some of the best Ventura features you can replicate without a fuss.

Update your System’s Universal Search

Spotlight search is beneficial on Ventura as it was on other macOS versions. The app allows users to search inside files, preview files and carry out different functions like starting a timer without leaving the search bar. Third-party apps, such as Alfred, inspire these additional features.

As a Mac user, you must know that Alfred is one of the most powerful search apps available. Most users refer to this app as Spotlight on steroids. The application is loaded with different tools that you cannot find on Ventura. With this app, you can preview files and search the Internet. You can also extend what the app can do to Chrome extensions.

Alfred’s vast catalog of extensions enables users to accomplish anything they can imagine on the search bar. For example, the app cannot run timers or get your weather forecasts by default, but you can grab add-ons to include these abilities in the app without a fuss. In addition, the app allows users to personalize how the search bar appears, and even third-party apps can be integrated, like Twitter or Evernote.

iPhones can be Used as a Webcam for your Mac

One of the biggest highlights of Ventura is it allows users to use the excellent camera of iPhones to improve video calling on their Macs. The feature is called Continuity Camera. However, you don’t need to update your system. Instead, simply download the Camo application. The app allows users to leverage their iPhone’s microphone and camera on video conferencing programs, such as FaceTime, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

Setting up the app is hassle-free. First, you must download the clients you wish to use and plug in your phone. After that, the app offers a range of options to tune the camera feed. For example, users can choose which one of their iPhone’s cameras they wish to use and how cropped the photo should be. You can even apply filters or make the background appear blurry.

Although most of the app’s features can be used for free, a yearly fee of $39.99 is paid to unlock professional tools like advanced editing. However, the only drawback is that Camo Studio does not work wirelessly like Continuity Camera.

If you want to use your iPhone’s camera with your Mac wirelessly, you can check out EpocCam. The app is an excellent alternative to Camo.

Declutter your System’s Workspace

Stage Manager is a new multitasking tool that comes to Macs, thanks to the Ventura update. The tool is specifically designed to help users declutter their pile of windows and focus on one window at a time. However, if you don’t want to make the jump yet and wish to stick with Big Sur or Monterey, you can install apps like HazeOver or Tuck.

If you choose Tuck, the app will allow you to tuck away your windows on the screen at the edges. Then, when you need the windows back, you can click on them, and they’ll be back. However, the app only removes the active windows for some time, and you can always bring them back.

HazeOver, on the other hand, allows users to concentrate on what they are working on at the moment, dimming the rest. Only your current window will be highlighted, and a blurred filter will be applied over the rest. So you won’t be distracted by your messy workspace. Users can even edit how strong or light the dimming will be. The app has a price tag of $5, but it is a one-time purchase.

Wrapping Up

Upgrading to macOS Ventura is a great idea, but you can wait a few months if you like and enjoy its best features through the third-party apps mentioned above.



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