What Size Split System Air Conditioner Do I Need?

Looking to install a new air conditioner in your home? We’ve put up this post to assist you in figuring out what size split system you’ll require this hot season.

Regardless of how hot you get, purchasing an air conditioner shouldn’t be an impulse purchase. It’s a pricey, long-term investment with significant ramifications for your electricity bill and comfort levels, so do your research before installing one.

While buying the largest air conditioner available may be tempting, bigger isn’t necessarily better. So, how do you determine what size split system you require? We’ll guide you through the process.

What is a Split System Air Conditioner?

Split system air conditioning units are a common air conditioning option. They typically consist of one unit in each room of the house and an exterior unit that houses the compressor.

A split system air conditioner’s two units are often connected by copper tubing. Most homeowners should have a simple time installing their system without making severe alterations to their property. Typically, you must drill a few holes, and that’s! Although every property and installation procedure is unique, split AC systems are among the simplest types of air conditioning units to install since their two-unit design enables heavy equipment to be placed outside.

What Size Split System is Best for My Home?

When purchasing a new cooling unit, you should always know how much area you need to serve. You may need to purchase many split system units based on your home’s size. As a rule of thumb, you only need one per room. However, depending on other things, such as room size, you may require more. Consider the following factors when determining the size of your air conditioner:

AC Capacity

Split system ACs have different capacities for heating and cooling. Heating capacity refers to how much heat the system can remove from a space, whilst cooling capacity refers to the amount of air it can chill. Your home’s size (and the amount of rooms) will generally influence the AC size you require. However, there are additional considerations.

The Size of Your Home or Rooms

To establish what AC size you need, first calculate the room size. An open plan room with a bigger floor space may need a 6kW capacity AC unit, but a smaller room, such as a bedroom or study, may only necessitate a 2kW capacity air conditioner. Once you’ve determined the measurements of your rooms, you should look into the various air conditioner brands and the sizes they recommend depending on your room dimensions.

Ceiling Height

The majority of homes have comparable ceiling heights. Nevertheless, if you have very high ceilings, you should take this into account when estimating room size and measurements.

Where You Live and Orientation

The location of your property is a significant consideration when deciding the size of your air conditioner. AC orientation is also essential. Large north-facing windows may quickly heat a space, necessitating a more powerful air conditioning unit in the summer.

The best way to determine what size split system you will require for your house is by calling an expert to calculate it. They have years of knowledge that they can utilize to provide you with the most accurate assessment of your ac requirements. They will take into account each factor to guarantee that you get the appropriately sized air conditioning unit for your home.

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