Guidelines for Producing a Visually Appealing Packaging Design

Packaging design plays a critical role when it comes to product distribution. It is critical in the overall efficiency of the complete supply chain. However, no one can explain what good packaging design is. 

Packaging design in itself is a huge topic, and it serves numerous departments in an organization. An average consumer thinks that other customers shop based on practicality and logic, but the reality is different.

People shop when they find the graphic design of the packaging appealing. Most of the subconscious work is concerned more about the design of the packaging and about how appealing it is. Effective packaging design is responsible for understanding consumers and enables them to feel satisfied that they are making the right choice. 

The packaging design of any product should not be appealing only to the eyes. Instead, it should be appealing to culture, emotions, and preferences. The packaging design of a particular product is a major point of difference between a product that lingers on the shelf and gets sold off easily. 

Without further ado, let us go over a few full-proof tips and tricks that will help you ensure that your packaging design is appealing enough. 

1. Use Color Palettes That Are Visually Appealing: 

Human eyes are very sensitive to colors. It helps evoke emotions and also represent culture. According to the psychology of packaging designs, black conveys elegance in anything. When this color combines with some popular metals such as silver or gold on matte black, it helps establish a feeling of luxury. 

That said, you should be very particular in choosing colors when designing packages for your products. For instance, a yogurt bottle has the same packaging but in different color tones. That said, the color of the package is according to the flavor contained in that particular bottle. 

Also, different colors represent different things. Just like when it comes to eco-friendly or organic products, the color that comes to one’s mind is green. Moreover, different colors have different significance, like the lighter shades of green mean affordable, whereas the darker shades mean high-end. 

Getting the visual appeal right is like winning just half of the battle. The design of the package is the next half, and you should ensure that it is clear and simple. 

2. The Packaging Should Be Made Functional: 

Practicality is an aspect of packaging design that is passed over with the addition of emphasis on aesthetics. Functional packaging works well for young consumers, seniors, or people who have some disability. For example, tomato ketchup that comes in ordinary bottles is much easier to use. Still, it can become difficult for those who have limited dexterity and mobility to get the ketchup out of that bottle. 

This is why the concept of squeeze glass bottle were introduced. Squeeze bottles are convenient to use for every person, but they are practical enough and function in a much better way. 

3. The Packaging Design Should Be Able to Tell a Story: 

Plan for the content well in advance that will go on the container. Consumers, when browsing through the aisle, tend to pick up products that have appealing designs. However, they change their buying decision if they don’t find the required information on the packaging. Your content should include all fundamental things that help them answer the basic questions of what, who, and how. 

What the product is about, for whom it is, etc., should be stated in the packaging label itself. A product packaging usually has different layers, including the outer layer, the inner layer, and the product itself. Based on what you have, a few items may require more layers than others do. 

When dealing with eCommerce, the products should have secured packaging that contains branded secured cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, foam, or tissue paper. The outer packaging should be adequate to protect the product from all external elements that may damage the packaging or the product. 

4. Adding Reusability and Versatility: 

The packaging design should be versatile enough so that the required changes can be accommodated easily, as and when required. Things keep evolving, and there is always room for updates and improvement in product formulas. 

At times variations are added to the products to offer more options to regular consumers. When the product is improved, its design should also change to signify the improvement made. 

One of the biggest contributors to the trash of the entire world is consumerism. There is no denying the fact that the packaging of a product should be good enough to get sold in the market. However, at the same time, we should consider the impact it can have on the market in the long run. 

The packaging of one product should be reusable for other products as well. For instance, the boxes offered by the clothing companies can be transformed into the hangers used to hang clothes. If one packaging cannot get repurposed, then it should be eco-friendly so that the environment is not hampered. 

5. Make The Packaging Of Your Product Stand Out

It would help if you thought creatively when designing it for your product. Creativity in the packaging should be at its best. Also, it should be unique enough to stand out in the market. Use interesting color pallets on the labels to make sure that it looks catchy and attracts attention. The products that are sold both online and offline should be packed using eco-friendly products. 

The Bottom Line

Whenever you go to a supermarket the next time, what is the first thing you will pick up? A product that looks attractive at first glance. You may realize afterward that the product is of no use to you, but you were tempted to pick it up because of the packaging. 

The design area has become more demanding than ever, requiring attention beyond just having good eyes. The tips discussed above will help you get attractive packaging. Keep in mind that the package of a product can make or break its success. 

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