How many locations does Centerstone have? And what are the services available at Centerstone?

About Centerstone

Centerstone is a not-for-benefit well-being framework giving psychological well-being and substance use jumble medicines. Administrations are accessible broadly through the activity of short-term facilities, private projects, the utilization of telehealth, and an ongoing clinic. Centerstone additionally includes specific projects for the tactical local area, restorative child care, kids’ administrations, and representative help programs. Centerstone’s Research Institute gives direction through examination and innovation, utilizing the prescribed procedures for use in the entirety of our networks. Foundation ties down humanitarian assets to help the work and mission of conveying care that transforms people.


We need the best for our families, companions, neighbors, and networks. That is the reason our group of mission-driven experts is here to give a full continuum of emotional wellness administrations for individuals of any age, from kids to seniors and in the middle between. A portion of these administrations include:

Centerstone’s Research Institute

Centerstone’s Research Institute is a devoted group of doctors, clinicians, researchers, instructors, and other industry specialists who use science to propel the field of emotional wellness and substance use treatment. By interpreting its examination into significant and inventive clinical practice, Centerstone’s Research Institute attempts to carry out research-based methodologies in true settings, in this way decreasing the exploration to rehearse holes. Centerstone’s Research Institute constantly creates clinical pathways, models, and suggestions in an assortment of regions, including:

  • Self-destruction Prevention and Suicide-Specific Treatment
  • Utilization of Telehealth for Mental Health Treatment
  • Local area Based Treatment for Addictions and Substance Use

Centerstone’s Foundation

Centerstone’s Foundation attempts to join the hearts of givers with the necessities of our clients and projects. The Foundation brings altruistic help from people, organizations, and award funders to Centerstone on the side of our central goal to “convey care that completely changes people”.

Gifts to Centerstone give colossal open doors in the existence of youngsters, youth, grown-ups, and families looking for a way to recuperation and wellbeing. Our benefactors and funders assist with propelling attention and well-being results while offering direct help for key clinical drives of Centerstone. In FY2020, Centerstone’s Foundation got more than $3.2 million in altruistic gifts.

Centerstone’s Military Services

Centerstone’s Military Services gives top caliber, socially able psychological wellness care to deployment-ready help individuals, National Guard and Reserve Troops, veterans from all times, and their relatives. By cooperating with an organization of experts across the globe, Centerstone’s Military Services are accessible across every one of the 50 U.S. states and in Europe.

Centerstone’s Military Services likewise cooperates with other military-accommodating associations, including Wounded Warrior Project and Cohen Veterans Network, to give a full continuum of administrations, including directing, peer coaching, studios, and vagrancy intercession, case the executives and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Centerstone’s Military Services has given particular consideration to around 15,000 people, couples, and families.

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