Juggling an online course with full-time employment

Furthering your education is always a great choice as it opens up more career opportunities, provides more knowledge, and sharpens your skills. However, many individuals do not have the luxury of enrolling in a university program while working.

Online courses are the easier gateway to achieving your educational aspirations while maintaining your employment, but juggling both effectively can be challenging for workers who are not equipped with the right tips. Fortunately, this write-up offers no-holds-barred insights into how you can combine work with online courses without compromising either.

What is an online course?

An online course is a learning program that involves a series of lectures or lessons through the internet. These courses allow users to learn anytime and anywhere from their internet-enabled devices, either computers or mobiles.

Not only do online courses eliminate the need for face-to-face classes, but they also allow users to learn at their own pace. This comes in handy for users who have to combine studies with work.

The benefits of online courses while working

  • Keep your job

The primary reason for the interest in online courses for full-time workers is that you get to keep your job. Combining work with studying would be almost impossible if the latter involves regularly attending class. However, with online courses, users can educate themselves in their free time while retaining their jobs.

Also, many e-learning platforms will issue a certificate, which you can add to your resume to boost your career opportunities and increase your chances when going for a promotion.

  • A more comfortable learning environment

Online courses provide a very comfortable learning space that individuals can plug into from the comfort of their mobile devices. This puts users in a more relaxed state and makes learning more effective.

Online courses contrast traditional learning methods where you have to be in a classroom with other students. While you’ll be giving up the interactive learning aspect, you can earn an MBA online in UK conveniently from your home.

Furthermore, many course materials come in audio or video format, so you get a varied learning experience. Textbooks and other reading materials are also readily available on the internet.

  • A wide range of options

There are numerous online courses available on the internet that you can choose from. This enables you to find tailored courses that suit your needs perfectly.

Also, these online courses cater for different classes of users. If you want those that provide an introduction to a subject matter, they are pretty easy to find. The advanced online courses are just as readily available. These different options will serve workers looking to branch out into new career paths and those who wish to deepen their knowledge of a specialty.

How to make the best of online courses while working

  1. Keep your fellow employees and superiors in the know

If you decide to sign up for an online course while working, you should inform people in the company who need to know. You might also need to assure them that the new endeavor would not interfere with your work.

If the online course is highly related to your current job, then convincing your employer will not be difficult. Where it’s the organization sponsoring staff to study these courses, they will make provisions for easing the workload.

  1. Keep a planner for work and study

Combining online courses with work is often challenging due to time management or the lack thereof. When you’re unable to manage your time, you end up pulling all-nighters to meet deadlines.

Unfortunately, staying up through the night will make you ineffective at work during the day. This is why it might be essential to keep a planner on work-related and study-based activities. This tip will help you to stay on schedule with what you need to do and when you need to do it.

  1. Find people in similar situations

Finding others like yourself who are also working and studying will serve as motivation. Generally, working or studying in a group makes it easy to overcome some of the challenges that you may encounter. Try to befriend people taking the same course online. You’ll find that you can help one another understand the topics better.

Some online learning platforms also allow weekly group meetings where users can interact with one another and exchange ideas.

  1. Take advantage of free time

Combining work and online courses might require taking advantage of all your free time. Your lunchbreaks become perfect opportunities for listening to audio lectures. It is also essential to create time for homework and study. In most cases, this might spill into your resting hours. Combining these two endeavors comes at the cost of forgoing some personal luxuries. So, those gym sessions and date nights might not be feasible until you have finished the online course. You’ll need to make some sacrifices, but it will be worth it in the end.

  1. Take your job as a priority

The ideal is to combine both commitments successfully. However, you may find yourself needing to choose between, say, writing an essay or a task that needs amending at the office. In such a scenario, remember that your job comes first. The purpose of an online course is to better your skills in the workplace, but you need to maintain your job to do so.

Getting a bad grade is definitely better than getting a demotion at work or losing your job. The best e-learning platforms will allow you to reschedule assignments and retake tests, giving you ample time to make up for your missed sessions.


While e-learning offers plenty of benefits, it can also be challenging, especially for a full-time worker. You can get the best experience only if you’re able to manage both responsibilities without compromising either. This article reveals some of the essential ways to effectively achieve this.


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