Sports Betting Strategies: Key Steps to Succeed

Are there win-win sports betting strategies? How to choose a profitable one with minimal risk? In this article, we will talk about the secrets of betting on sports. Spoiler: no matter how attractive the strategy is in theory, its success is assessed only in practice. Recklessly copying someone else’s tactics is unwise and useless. The purpose of this article is to give you only effective tips and teach players to act consistently, gradually moving towards the cherished goal. Below, you will find advice on how to make the strategy as safe and profitable as possible.

Should You Use Any Strategies?

Everyone who bets on sports has their own strategy. Even if the player does not try to formulate it, it still exists. Any handicapper (professional player) places one’s bets based on the experience. There are, of course, freaks who gamble just for interest. It doesn’t matter to them whether they will win, they are interested in the process itself. However, smart people bet not for the interest, but for earning money. When the task of a handicapper is not to guess the result of a particular sporting event, but to make a profitable investment, the very approach changes. Best online platforms for gambling like the Bitstarz Casino know this very well.

So, the first question is, “Should you use betting strategies at all?” Well, most of the popular gaming and financial strategies are more beneficial for bookmakers. Having a strategy creates the illusion of consistent play. It allows for the proper distribution of finances by making less impulsive stakes. The only downside is that at the distance it does not give a significant profit. That’s why bookmakers welcome popular strategies and even advertise them on their sites.

So, you need to get rid of the main illusion: there is no universal solution that will allow you to become a super-successful handicapper. Particularly dangerous are progressive strategies and those that everyone speaks about.

Examples of a Successful Strategy

There are three types of strategies:

  • gaming;
  • financial;

Many of them have appeared in the bookmaking business thanks to casinos. Some strategies are promoted on forums and by dedicated bookmakers. They take advantage of the idealization of the gambling process by players. It is tempting for a player to follow some plan. Be smarter – do not allow bookmakers to cheat you!

The best strategy is the one that gives a 0% profit after 500 bets because any other option will give even less. The plan may seem profitable and promising until you start placing bets on it. We believe that the strategy should be unique and developed based on personal experience. Now, let’s find out the strategies you can get inspiration from.

Bookmaker Fork

This is a win-win strategy for everyone. The player needs to find the opposite bets that will bring a profit regardless of their outcome. For example, there is a game of the NBA basketball championship between the Red Bulls and Memphis. The bookmaker “X” offers 2.30 on the victory of “bulls”, while the bookmaker “Y” provides a 2.20 coefficient on Memphis. By betting on both of these results, you will stay in the black anyway.

Oscar Grind

The idea is that wins and losses replace each other. Bets are decreased in the losing streak and increased in the winning streak. This strategy is used for stakes on approximately equal results, i.e., the odds must be bigger than 2. The game is divided into sessions – consecutive stakes are made until you get a profit of 1 bet. After the result is obtained, the stake is increased by 1 unit. But the problem is that it is impossible to predict the number of bets in each session.

Kelly Criterion

The author of this approach, John Kelly, asks players to determine the size of the bet depending on the gaming pot. So, when losing, you should increase the bets, when winning – vice versa. The problem is that there is a risk of a situation when the rate may be less than the minimum limit provided by the bookmaker.

The player must determine the probability of the event. However, making such predictions better than bookmakers with their analytical departments and expensive software is incredibly difficult.

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