10 Amazing Facts About Flowers That You Certainly Don’t Know !!

Since the beginning of civilization, humans have found flowers for expressing emotions like love, fidelity, and remembrance through their special language. This delicate creation of God offers a huge visual appearance and emotional well-being and has fascinating attraction and appeal. Throughout history, people send flowers to their dear ones to express their feelings. They are also used due to their medicinal property for healing purposes. People use flowers to express different feelings like if you want to say “thank you” or want to feel sorry, then flowers are a perfect choice.

To many of us, flowers are used to decorate homes, gardens, parties, and more. But, flowers have a much more important role than decorating. They are the part of plants that make seeds, which in turn make new plants. So this is one of the facts of flowers, but actually, there are a thousand facts that you may don’t know. Flowers are vividly colored and extremely scented, making them the beautiful miracle that they are. The facts about flowers are that without them, we would not have food, dyes, textiles, medicines, and other essentials of daily living. There are so many fascinating facts about flowers. Let’s go ahead and discuss them.

Flowers Have Their Unique Language

Did you know that the language of love was built around flowers? The language of flowers or floriography has been around for many years but got the most popular during 1830 and 1900. Floriography consisted of an original floral dictionary, where flowers replaced words, and their meanings carried coded messages to the receiver, most possibly, displaying secret love and respect, which is the same as sending text messages. That’s why people order bouquet delivery to showcase their feelings to others on numerous occasions such as valentines, anniversaries, etc. You can also get online flower delivery in Ahmedabad and celebrate your occasions with these beautiful flowers.

Replication of Sunflowers

Sunflowers move in response to the movement of the sun from east to west. Each sunflower is made of 1000 tiny flowers called florets. The vibrant yellow petals and seed full of centres make its unique flowers. So this is some characteristic of this classic sunflower bloom. Sunflowers are known to release a toxic smell that kills other plants around it.

Moon Flowers 

Also known as morning glory are very distinct flowers that bloom in the night and last about a day. They have a big six inches stem and have an aromatic scent, white color, or ruby flora on twining vines.

Carnivorous Flowers 

These are some flowers that eat small insects and small animals to sustain their life. Some of the carnivorous plants are venus fly plants and pitcher flower plants. Both of these plants attract their prey and trap them in their leaves. You can also get online flower delivery and get fresh well-arranged flowers at your desired location.

Lotus is Sacred flowers for Buddhist

For Buddhists, the lotus flower represents the simplicity of the body, brain, and soul. The Lotus is one of the eight auspicious signs of Buddhism – an eight-petalled lotus used in Buddhist mandalas symbolizes astronomical harmony and thousand-petalled Lotus, spiritual education. Not only for Buddhists but ancient Egyptians were using it for burial rituals. Egyptians viewed it as a symbol of rebirth and endless life. So when you buy Lotus to your dear ones expresses this fact to them also.

Tulips Replace Onions in WW2

During the food scarcity in the world, war onions were replaced by flowers in many European countries to counter the scarcity. So if someone sends flowers online you don’t and if you don’t have anything to eat, you know what to do.

Juliet Rose

This rose has gained a title to be the most expensive flower of all with the price tag of a whopping Rs. 31.80 crore. Due to this flower, its breeder has gained so much popularity. The Juliet Rose was last showcased in 2006 in the Chelsea flowers show.

While flowers have medicinal properties that treat our body, their look and fragrance also allure us. The amazing world of flowers is surely amazing.



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