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Drawings of planets to color

If you appear up at the empyrean at nighttime, you will see a lot of bright dots. Most of them are stars, but did you know that some of those dots are planets? We human beings live on planet Earth, but there are many more out there in space. The planet drawings are perfect for children curious about the Universe to learn the shape or appearance of the most well-known planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, basicknowledge.co.

Planet’s drawings

In addition, the drawings of planets serve to have a fun time, but they will help the little ones learn the name of the planets, a subject that enters the Primary curriculum. Don’t wait any longer to download the planet drawings and start your interplanetary journey.

Do you want your little ones to know the main planets? Wait no more; they will have fun while they learn. Through drawings of planets, you can teach them while they color the smiling Earth. You can explain to them how to take care of them to always have a clean home, just by painting.

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Any time is perfect to learn about the planets, and from our website, you can access all the drawings of planets and celestial bodies. You have to download your selection of drawings, print, and sit down to paint with the children.

Stimulate the learning of the little ones and facilitate the skills to differentiate the planets through the colors they have. With your help, it will be possible. You will be able to teach them other types of information, such as, for example, what is the size of the giant planet in our solar system, the smallest of which is the one with the rings.

Imagine how curious they can feel when coloring one of the planet’s drawings while you tell them all this information. You can start by explaining that a celestial body (planet) is considered like this when it orbits around a star or near it, that they have their gravity and can vary, making an object super heavy or as light as a feather…

With the drawings of planets, you can create new celestial bodies.

Kids can be very creative; they need you to give them tools with which they feel comfortable to color the planet drawings that you have printed from our website. Imagine that they color the drawing of planet Earth authentically and vividly, or are super risky using fluorescent coolers that give it that abstract touch which only an artist would do.

Make your little ones exceed any expectation: give them all the possible materials to fill the planet drawings with life, and make works of art with them. Try to make your own “Save the Planet” slogan by using recycled materials, cans, containers, covers, old newsprint or magazines, and even old fabrics with colored inks. Besides being an excellent idea to raise awareness from a young age.

On the other hand, they could use plasticizing or glitter to decorate the landscape drawing of planets. and that these are embossed, then you can use it in a portrait made by your little ones, with the following title: “The superhero who saved the planet” or “The astronaut -your little one’s name- discovered new planets to live in.” As you can see, you can do many fun activities.

What can be learned by painting pictures of planets?

  • It is essential that children understand, assimilate, and have basic notions about the planets, the solar system, and even the constellations. All of this will be very useful to them in the future. You will be able to open a new door in your creativity and way of thinking, wondering: What other planets can exist? Could you be the first to visit them?

Remember that the planets of the solar system (governed under the orbit/rotation with the sun) are eight, and they will be ordered according to their distance from the sun:

  • Mercury: The planet is close to the sun, dark grey with shades of grey or light white, due to its multiple craters.
  • Venus: although it appears grey, it is the gaseous layer that covers it. Underneath, there is a yellowish, rust-colored layer with small light stripes from its craters. You should know that it is a similar size to ours.
  • Land: so far, the only one where humans can live, its surface consists of a more significant presence of water, leaving the rest to mountains, deserts among other types of soil.
  • Mars: the red globe due to its higher iron content.
  • Jupiter: this is the giant planet; its coolers are two opaque orange stripes and sometimes reddish. The rest of the stripes are white, and you can see how they blend a bit between them.
  • Saturn: the second-largest planet concerning the rest. It has pale yellow stripes and what is surprising about this planet is that it has rings, and what is not very clear yet is if what orbits in these are pieces of ice or rocks.
  • Uranus: has an intense blue color.
  • Neptune: its color is much stronger than Uranus’s, and its “edges” denote a vibrant red due to the reflection of the sun’s rays.

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